The Stress Detox Experience™

Prescription Strength
Brain Stimulation + VR
For Stress and Sleep Management

Kortex® clones the technology of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator®, a prescription wearable that has been cleared by the FDA and prescribed to over 35,000 patients since 2009. Strictly intended to manage stress and sleep, Kortex® works by stimulating serotonin production, lowering cortisol and modulating brain activity. Combining neurostimulation with meditative, cathartic VR content is intended to amplify stress relief.

Welcome to Kortex® + VR: The Stress Detox Experience™

Scientific Validation

Kortex® has been validated in multiple published studies, including biomarker studies and randomized controlled trials. The following chart, from a 392-subject study at Phoenix House conducted in 2009, displays how the technology increased 90-day opioid and alcohol rehab retention by 50%. Subjects reported reduced stress and improved sleep.


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Listen to Corporal (US Marine Corps, Ret.) Logan Shield and General (US Army, Ret.) Stephen Xenakis as they discuss the technology.

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