How It Works

Kortex® manages stress and sleep by stimulating serotonin production, lowering cortisol and modulating brain activity (including the default mode network), as demonstrated in published studies. Combining the neurostimulation with meditative, cathartic VR content is intended to amplify stress relief.

For best results, Kortex® should be used daily for 20 minutes.

Kortex® easily attaches to most VR headsets, including the Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream View, ZEISS VR ONE Plus, VIVE and Oculus headsets. Kortex® is not compatible with the Sony PlayStation VR headset.

Fisher Wallace Laboratories partnered with ustwo Games to co-market Land’s End: A VR Adventure with Kortex® and the combination will be studied in an upcoming clinical trial. Additional content recommendations include Old Friend and Chocolateby VR auteur Tyler Hurd, the healthcare content of AppliedVRRelax VR, and Orbital Vanitas from The New York Times VR. Kortex® customers will receive content recommendations on a monthly basis.

Individuals with implanted medical devices, such as an implanted nerve stimulator or pacemaker, should NOT use Kortex® as Kortex® may interfere with the functioning of such devices. Kortex® may cause minor side effects (headache, dizziness or skin irritation at the electrode sites) in 1% of users. The device is not contraindicated with any substance or medication.