Brain Stimulation + VR for
Stress and Sleep Management

"One of four technologies
innovating mental health."
- Forbes

Kortex® clones the brain stimulation technology of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® and is strictly intended to manage stress and sleep, without a prescription.

Kortex® works by stimulating serotonin production, lowering cortisol and modulating brain activity, as proven in published studies. Combined with meditative, cathartic VR content, Kortex® provides superior stress and sleep management results.

Scientific Validation

Fisher Wallace brain stimulation technology has been validated in multiple published studies, including biomarker studies and randomized controlled trials.


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Listen to Corporal (US Marine Corps, Ret.) Logan Shield and General (US Army, Ret.) Stephen Xenakis as they discuss the technology.

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"One of four technologies innovating mental health." Forbes

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